Friends of Barker & Scott know we have two great passions: Supporting the missions of our many and diverse nonprofit clients and using the immense power of information technology to make a difference in those efforts.

barker and scottWhile we’ve alway been known for our strategic expertise, in recent years we’ve observed a growing demand for hands-on CRM design, implementation, and support services.

And the truth is, we enjoy the work, because it allows us to meld all of that best practices thinking with tactical execution. The result is a win-win for us and our clients.

So when the chance arose to acquire Blackbaud Works, we made the strategic decision to add a tactical arm to our existing operations.

Now we have the opportunity to dispense sound strategic guidance and close the loop with a hands-on ability to exercise those strategies on behalf of our clients.

Mind you, this is not about Raiser’s Edge. We’re offering the same Managed Services for any industry-leading CRM platform. Which means that while Barker & Scott is as technology-agnostic as ever, we’re now rolling up our sleeves to drive these machines for any interested customer.

You can read more about this new facet of Barker & Scott and check out our brand-new websitewhile you’re at it!

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