At Barker & Scott, our philosophy is simple yet profound: That never before have our clients’ missions been more important nor so fundamentally dependent on the careful alignment of technology, data, people, and processes for their successful execution.

For the simple truth is that every nonprofit organization is coming to depend on a careful coordination of these assets for their success. Development, Marketing, Communications, Advocacy, Membership, IT, Finance – no internal department is immune to these modern pressures.


philosophy graphicIn an era of advanced technology, people nevertheless remain an organization’s most valuable asset. At Barker & Scott we believe that the effectiveness, morale, and longevity of an organization’s employees can be tied directly to their:

  • Understanding of the organization’s strategy
  • Access to training, tools, information
  • Decision-making authority

It should be no secret that technology-empowered constituencies demand comparably empowered organizations. Interconnected platforms and the software that power them are fundamental to any nonprofit mission success. But technology is only as effective as the strategy that instructs it, the people who utilize it, and the processes that guide it.


Data has been labeled the ‘new oil’ of the 21st century, but its real value to a nonprofit organization lies in its ability to extract the business intelligence that lurks within – business intelligence that can be used to connect and empower activists, expand donor numbers and results, influence internal strategies and tactics, and so much more.


Process is where the fundamental work of how an organization does business is carried out. Business processes must be analyzed and engineered to be efficient and effective, and to ensure they support the business strategy and the seamless delivery of constituent value.


Business Strategy is the basis for common understanding throughout the enterprise about what the organization wants to accomplish. Strategies should be openly communicated, readily understandable, spur people to action, and be sensitive to an increasingly dynamic marketplace.