Core Values

A peek into Barker & Scott will reveal a company comprised of tree-huggers and whale-savers, of individuals who not only support our clients’ principles but embody them as well.

Shared Commitment

Like our clients, we are eager to feed the hungry, cure the sick, and protect the innocent, and we do this not only through our commitment to professional excellence, but also in our personal choices and commitments. Far from simply leveraging our expertise to improve the results of a walkathon, reduce air pollution, or shelter the homeless, we’re just as apt to be active participants in these issues. (You could even say that at Barker & Scott we proudly ‘walk the walk’). B&S-About

We Love Our Work

Poll any of our team members and we are confident they’ll profess a genuine love for what they – and we – do. More specifically, because we believe in our clients’ good works and the ability of our own collective expertise to make a tangible, meaningful difference in those efforts, we enjoy going to work each day. What’s not to love?

Diversity Unbound

As our environmental clients will attest, the healthiest ecosystems literally teem with diversity. At Barker & Scott we take this life lesson to heart, embracing diversity in every possible form and format. From the multifaceted composition of our team to our openness to differing or even dissenting opinions; from our tech-agnosticism to our constant quest for innovation, Barker & Scott truly believe in and lives by the power of diversity to make a difference.

Work IS Personal

We don’t believe in the all-too-common corporate ethos that places work above an individual team member’s health, family, or relationships. At Barker & Scott we are fully committed to the personal well-being and professional growth of each team member, and the evidence of this commitment can be seen in the happiness and success of every Barker & Scott employee and consultant.

Integrated Integrity

Integrity is stitched into the very fabric of our operations. From our corporate focus on shared rewards, acknowledgement, training, and career advancement to our commitment to total client success, Barker & Scott believes the healthiest relationships are forged in integrity and transparency.

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Join Doug Barker at this year's Bridge Conference

Doug will be co-presenting with Jeremy Cramer, Chief Development Officer for Facing History and Ourselves, on Designing a Major Gift Cultivation Team, Strategy and Plan that Delivers Results. The session fits in perfectly with the theme of the conference, The Art & Science of Fundraising & Marketing, and will be Aug 1 from 2:15 to 3:30.