B&S-AboutThere is a simple yet profound truth facing all modern enterprises: They must be prepared and able to intelligently manage the ‘constituent experience’ across all facets of the organization.

At Barker & Scott, our goal is to ensure that each client has in place a strategic blueprint that aligns its people, processes,  technology, and data not simply to manage but to exceed their constituents’ expectations.

From high-level business and information management planning to process alignment; from the design and implementation of systems and services to – when needed – hands-on operation of industry-specific constituent relationship management platforms, Barker & Scott brings a holistic, big-picture approach to nonprofit planning that prepares its clients to effectively engage the modern constituent.

Barker & Scott recognize that today’s consumer is being shaped both by the tools that they use in everyday life (e.g. mobile devices, social networks, the Web, etc.) and the game-changing phenomena inspired by those technologies (always-on connectivity, transparency, information, etc.). The result is a revolution in the way modern consumers engage with – and expect to be engaged by – organizations.

Like it or not, we live in an era of hyper-informed, hyper-connected individuals who are demanding much more not just from their favorite commercial brands, but also the nonprofit missions they support. Our job is to ensure our clients understand how to engage these constituencies to build lifetime relationships.

This requires an enterprise-wide strategy that is understood by every employee and volunteer; that is baked into the technology architecture these organizations depend upon to support transformational giving and fundraising, operational excellence, and mission outcomes; and is supported by the many processes governing internal and external operations.

Our job, in a sense, is to prepare our clients to make the very most of this exciting new revolution.

Barker & Scott strategic services include, but are not limited to:

  • Constituent Relationship Management Strategy
  • Organizational Strategic Alignment
  • Information Technology Strategic Planning
  • Transformational Giving Playbook Development
  • Applications Architecture Design