B&S-AboutWe use a bridge in our logo for a reason: Our job is to help our clients span the critical gap that all too often separates a nonprofit organization’s technology, data, people, and processes from the many constituencies the organization depends on for success.

Our world is changing at an incredible pace and what worked for our predecessors is no longer viable for today’s nonprofit. The once commonplace, one-to-many market dynamic in which each of us came of age has been replaced by an empowered consumer class that demands far more from the organizations that wish to engage them, regardless of the motivation (i.e. commercial, academic, nonprofit, etc.).

What this means is the modern nonprofit must gear up for a challenging, yet ultimately far more meaningful one-to-one constituent dynamic that already is reshaping every aspect of modern life. We say ‘more meaningful’ because with the proper technology, processes, people, and data solutions in place across the entire organization, today’s nonprofit can create informed, inspired, action-oriented communities.

Barker & Scott is that bridge.

Our People
We aren’t just industry ‘vendors.’ We ardently believe in our clients’ missions and constantly search for ways to leverage our expertise on their behalf. Read more about our people.
Our Values
We don’t just pay lip service to our clients’ diverse, passionate, and noble operating principles – we share them in virtually everything we do. Read about our core values
Our Expertise
We know technology, data, process, strategic consulting, and most important, the nonprofit industry. It’s a unique and powerfully effective combination. Read more about our expertise.
Our Work
We have a long and successful track record of putting to work our diverse expertise to help an equally diverse array of nonprofits to reach their goals. Take a look at our work

“With any service organization, the key question is: Would you hire them again? In our case we are more interested in how to never let them go.” – Save the Children