Creating bridges between technology, data, people, processes, and strategy for nonprofit mission success.

Creating bridges between technology, data, people, processes, and strategy for nonprofit mission success.

Strategy & Planning

The successful management and engagement of a modern nonprofit organization's many communities begins with a shared strategic vision and plan based on industry and constituent management best practices.

Technology & Tools

Information and constituent management technologies are effective precisely to the degree that they are expertly chosen and tailored to meet a nonprofit organization’s unique collection of business requirements.

Managed Services

The increasingly sophisticated information and constituent management technologies, practices, and competencies upon which all modern nonprofit organizations depend, require expert hands-on management and support.

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Finance &

Case Studies

Doctors Without Borders was experiencing a significant number of issues relating to delays and errors in processing its heavy volumes of white mail, EFT, sustainers, and split gifts.

Barker & Scott performed a detailed requirements analysis that captured the organization's specific processing needs. A critical success factor was being able to accurately capture and meet both the donor-centric needs of Development as well as the strict standards of Finance.

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    You’ve probably heard it said data is the ‘New Oil’ of our economy, a form of currency every bit as important to the modern enterprise as money itself. Why? Because properly managed, data: Improves operational efficiencies (cuts costs) Generates better results (increases revenues) Improves morale (fewer headaches...
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    What if we told you your organization could save upward of two or even three times its costs in a particular business process? And what if, in addition to cutting costs, you also could increase donor satisfaction and, by extension, your long-term retention and giving totals? And...
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    In the for-profit world the metamorphosis of a first-time Web visitor into a full-fledged customer is often referred to as ‘the buyer’s journey’ (a journey that takes place through the sales funnel). Entire industries, business practices, and methodologies have emerged to help companies implement strategies for delivering...
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